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1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer

In first place is Portugal and Juventus’ living legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United star has consistently been in the top two players on the planet for years. To put it another way, Ronaldo and Messi have been arch-rivals battling for the title as the best in the world.It is difficult to argue against Ronaldo as being one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. The guy has five Ballon d’Or awards and four European Golden Shoes, with a total of 29 major trophies.

2. LeBron James – Basketball

LeBron James is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketballers of all time.
James is currently plying his trade with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he is hoping to kickstart another dynasty for the franchise. If there is any player in the world that has that power, it is LeBron.As it stands, America’s most famous player has three NBA championships to his name. Over the years, he has amassed a pretty incredible four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards and three NBA Finals MVP Awards.While his pro career has been nothing short of sensational, James also has two Olympic gold medals in his trophy cabinet to polish.

3. Conor McGregor – MMA

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Ireland’s Conor McGregor is one of the most recognizable faces in the world.
Having revolutionized the sport of MMA with his gift for self-promotion, “The Notorious” converted a legion of new fans to the UFC. As it stands, he is the most successful athlete in the sport in terms of revenue.

McGregor is known for his razor-sharp wit, sharper suits, and an even sharper tongue. A natural self-promoter, the Dubliner’s gifts helped him to ascend through the ranks of the UFC’s featherweight and lightweight divisions, becoming the first-ever fighter to hold belts in separate weight classes at the same time.

4. Roger Federer – Tennis

While his rival Rafael Nadal is a huge name in tennis, there is no one more famous than Roger Federer in the history of the sport.

The Swiss legend is regarded as the best player to have ever taken to a court and has a gigantic list of achievements to back up this claim. The 37-year-old has won the most Grand Slam singles titles in history, with 20. He also sat atop the ATP rankings for a record total of 310 weeks.

Federer also holds the record for Wimbledon titles (8) and has six Australian Open titles. He has five back-to-back US Open titles and one French Open title, too. He is also the only player after Jimmy Connors to have amassed 100 or more singles titles.

5. Virat Kohli – Cricket

However, in countries like India — where Virat Kohli hails from — there is no bigger sport. It is simply a huge game and one that grips the population like nothing else.
Kohli is currently the captain of the India national cricket team and is regarded as one of the best batsmen alive. He plays his club cricket for Royal Challengers Bangalore down in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he has been captain for six years.

Despite India having a long and rich tradition of success in cricket, Kohli has amassed several records for his country. Among these are the number 1 Test rating (937 points), ODI rating (911 points), and T20I rating (897 points).

Kohli has a social media following of over 37 million and was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time in 2018.

6. Steph Curry – Basketball

There are few faces in world sport more recognizable as Steph Curry.

The Golden State Warriors point guard is a three-time NBA champion with the franchise. Additionally, he is a six-time NBA All-Star and two time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP). More than this, he is one of the most creative players in basketball history. Given how he popularized the strategic use of three-pointers, many see Curry as one of the best thinkers on a basketball court on any given day. Incidentally, Curry is the third in all-time made three-pointers in the history of the NBA.
Such is Curry’s popularity that he has a social media following of over 23 million and is also one of the most searched-for athletes in the world on Google.

7. Tiger Woods – Golf

Tiger Woods is arguably the most famous golfer to have walked the face of the earth.

To many, he is the greatest golfer that ever lived. I mean, he does rank second place in majors and PGA Tour victories. He has a list of achievements longer than a giraffe’s neck. He was also the revolutionary face of the sport in the 1990s and 2000s. The 43-year-old was destined for fame from a young age. When he turned pro at just 20 in 1996, it took him just one year to establish himself as the premier golfer on the planet. In just 12 months, he had won three PGA tours and the 1997 Masters.

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